Saturday, August 20, 2011

summer bordeom pt 3: matanuska

I just spent a full day with my cousin traipsing around the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska. In the stillness between the waves of warm air, the glacier speaks in hisses, snaps, gurgles, drips and an occasional slam as if of a sheet of metal unfurls somewhere in the depths. Mesmerized by the details of this ice cosmos, oblivious for a time to my own physical situation within it, when I settle in my shoes again I wonder if the terrain has changed enough during my trance that the path to this ridge has already changed its shape enough that I will not be able to follow it back?

Here's how the day looked and sounded....

Listening to the Matanuska Glacier by Loren Chasse

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bertoia gong

In the spirit of 'summer boredom', sifting through boxes of stuff, I decided to begin archiving sounds from an overwhelming heap of mini discs. Here's the sound of one of Harry Bertoia's gongs (played with one hand while recording with the other) on display in downtown Allentown, PA. Bertoia gong by Loren Chasse

Unenao Raamat

Going through stacks of books today, I came across these old children's magazines printed on newsprint (the author of this one is called Seppel...the title means 'dream book'!).
I found them a few years ago in a used bookshop in Tartu, Estonia.
I remember my friend Hitoshi Kojo and I doing battle over them! Fortunately, after frenzied digging we found duplicates of some of them.

Again, I find myself asking: What music would accompany this world?