Detail from Autumnal Fantasy by Charles Burchfield --without whose emanations and interstitial glimpses...
                                     D     I     S     C     O     G     R     A     P     H     I     E     S

Loren Chasse
siphon glimmers  unique ancient tavern cd 1997
exfolia motors   unique ancient tavern cd 2000
synthesis of neglected places  unique ancient tavern cassette/cdr 2001
fantasy apparition  s'agita recordings cdr 2002
green laughter   jewelled antler 3" cdr   2003
hedge of nerves   anomalous records  cd  2004  review
script lichen  edition graphon 3" cd  2005 review
the air in the sand  naturestrip cd  2005  review
[l/r] when i lift i can feel my sunburn singing (with ray guillette) paha porvari cdr  2005 
debris field (with colin potter, keith rowe, phil mouldycliff) ICR cd  2006
the footpath  naturestrip  2008   review
the otolith (with michael northam) helen scarsdale agency cd  2008  more
character at water margin  compost and height  split 3"cd  2009  more
characters at the water margin  unfathomless cd  2014  Brainwashed review   A Closer Listen review

the animals and their shadows  semperflorens cd 2015  Aquarius review
the sodden floor  notice tapes  cassette  2015  Foreign Accents review

listen to neglected place i from synthesis of neglected places
listen to footpath apparition iii from the footpath
listen to excerpt from hedge of nerves
listen to characters at the water margin at Unfathomless
listen to unreleased song, "Breet's long winter's leap"

from fields....
listen to water churning stones, los cocos, mexico  2006
listen  to a creaking pine forest, the burren, ireland  2005
listen to canadian geese flying over black rock lake in summer, maryland 2001
listen to morning birds, lava beds national monument, california  1998
listen  to frog pond, nashville, tennessee  2002


the infant path  jewelled antler cdr 2003
the buried stream  jewelled antler cd 2004
the quartz pond  jewelled antler cdr 2004
the awful cloud  jyrk cdr  2006
the sun and earth together   ultra hard gel cd 2008  review
rocks will open  digitalis cd 2009 review
morphological echo  digitalis cassette 2009
healers  (currently available digitally here: download )

listen to the lamp shell path from the infant path
listen to archangelic curtain from the sun and earth together
listen to (and purchase!) healer i from healers
listen to a night without from something forthcoming....?
listen  to aerial cisterns from windswept trees and house compilation



the moon is down   jewelled antler cdr  2006
noctilucent valleys  soft abuse cd  2007

watch  soul of swan video


the deer lay down their bones  tumult cd 2000
ghost plants  emperor jones cd  2002
suns  emperor jones cd  2002
museum #1 and #2  jewelled antler 3" cdrs  2002
fable jewelled antler 3" cdr  2003
 all strange beasts of the past  emperor jones cd  2003
pine cone temples  strange attractors audio house cd  2005
...      important lp  2008

listen to pt. 2 from fable
watch  'kains greenhouse' performance excerpt

the Child Readers
boy on a cliff  jewelled antler cdr 2001
dark laughter  jewelled antler cdr 2003
memory and fantasy mallard lake cd  2004
music heard far off soft abuse cd  2007

listen to infant wing from music heard far off
watch starlight veering video 
watch  cathedrals neuruppin video

The Blithe Sons

dirt and clouds   jewelled antler cdr  2000
waves of grass   jewelled antler cdr  2001
green mansions  jewelled antler cdr 2003
we walk the young earth  family vineyard cd  2003
rooms  chocolate monk cdr  2004
stairways in green shadows  root don lonie for cash 7"  2003
arm of the starfish  family vineyard cd  2004
the amazed map (with pekko kappi and claypipe)  music fellowship cd  2007
the great orthochromatic wheel  family vineyard lp  2008

listen to songs from dirt and clouds
listen  to memory in a dark room from the great orthochromatic wheel

the chronograph cd  partition cd  2001
the glass sponge  23five, Inc.  cd  2003
mud wall mystery sea cdr  2003 (reissue by helen scarsdale society cd  2004)
wrack light and copper ruin (with keith evans) seal pool cd/dvd  2006


lily events  unique ancient tavern cd 1996
unique ancient tavern  ecsatic yod lp  1997
last blue before black  unique ancient tavern cd 1998
inferno from an occult diary  SIWA lp  1999
the foot  drone 7"  2002

listen  to excerpt from last blue before black

The Franciscan Hobbies   
caterpillars of the oak beauty   cdr  2002
at the end of the world  psuedoarcana  2002
masks and meanings  soft abuse cd  2003  more...
walls are stuck  music fellowship cd  2005

Tomes  the dreadful gift  3" cdr  2002

The Famous Boating Party silvery branches 3" cdr  2003

more on Jewelled Antler....
perfect sound forever 

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